We are starting a church wide mission’s project to be finished on Rally Day. We are going to collect items for Operation Christmas Child. This project is shipped to over 130 countries and these boxes are distributed to over 11 million children aging 2 through 14. With each box comes a booklet about Jesus Christ’s life that is printed in each of the children’s languages. These precious children also receive a 12 lesson program about Christianity. A bible in their own language is also then presented to the children after completion of the program. These boxes are then shared with family members and are used to start churches.

Grace has been doing an excellent job with supporting the mission projects for our area. It is time to branch out and spread God’s love to those not in our area. We are asking Grace to help purchase new items every month. Then on Rally Day, we invite you to come and fill boxes with the items that have been purchased. Grace has set a goal of filling 150 boxes! We can do this! We are God’s arms and legs. Let’s build faith and grow grace outside these walls.

Monthly Donation Items:

May:           Dolls, Small Balls, Toys (small), Playing Cards

June:          Flip Flops, Baseball Hats, Girl’s Hair Accessories, Cotton Bandannas

July:            Craft Items (no liquids), Sewing Kits, Fishing Kits

August:       Band-Aids (fun designs), Nail Clippers, Reusable Water Bottles, Sling Bags

For more information you may go to https://www.samaritanspurse.org/what-we-do/operation-christmas-child/ or email thankgodforteachers@gmail.com.


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