Rev. John will be leading us through the Covenant Bible Study which is an in-depth group Bible Study that centers around our relation-ships with God, with each other, and with the world. It differs from other Bible stud-ies in that it emphasizes the biblical concept of the Covenant – the enduring commitment between God and people – as a unifying pat-tern throughout the entire Bible. It under-scores the unique relationship that God chooses with us as God’s people.

To help the Covenant group deal with busy schedules, the episodes are structured in a modular way to provide flexibility with-out sacrificing committed study. Three 8-week segments each explore a different as-pect of Covenant life. Each will examine what Covenant means, and the progression of a Covenant relationship with God. We will begin the second 8-week segment, Liv-ing the Covenant, on Thursday, January 15th. Classes will meet weekly from 5:50 pm to 6:55 pm in the LGI/Choir Room. You can join us for the second session even if you did not participate in the first session.

If you are willing to commit to the 8-week study or if you have any questions, please contact Tammy Houck at 566-2897 or

A sign-up sheet will also be available at the Welcome Center. Partici-pant books are required and the cost is $20.